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Other UK Government Funding (closed)


Allocation: £50 million over 10 years
Redfield, Lawrence Hill and the Dings. It aims to tackle the core causes of problems in the area and achieve sustainable improvement. This comprehensive scheme is managed by a partnership of local residents and organisations that provide key services in the area, with local residents in the majority.

Contact: Community at Heart
Tel: 0117 903 9975



Sure Start aims to improve the health and well being of families and children before and from birth to the age of 4, so children are ready to flourish when they go to school. It does this by:

  • Setting up local Sure Start programmes to improve services for families with children under four.
  • Spreading good practice learned from local programmes to everyone involved in providing services for young children.

Local programmes will work with parents and parents-to-be to improve children’s life chances through better access to:

  • Family support
  • Advice on nurturing
  • Health services
  • Early learning


Bristol Education Action Zone, which started in September 2000, is the youngest and last of the EAZs across the country.

Set in the heart of the inner city, it serves some of the most deprived wards in the whole south-west region, with significant under attainment. particularly amongst black and minority ethnic pupils.

The 23 zone schools include St George Community School, Fairfield High School and a number of primary and nursery schools.

The vision of the BrEAZ is one of improving schools’ performance and raising pupil’s standards of achievement through developing inclusive and innovative approaches to the learning experience.

Tel: 0117 9415895
Fax: 0117 9415898


SWRDA have a major role in ensuring that Bristol’s economy is competitive, healthy and benefits all of its residents. SWRDA also have a number of budgets to fund large-scale redevelopment. The best example is funding towards the major Temple Quay development. SWRDA have also agreed to make major infrastructure investments in south Bristol on the former Wills site, Hengrove Park and Symes Avenue. SWRDA have agreed in principle to fund up to £1.5m [TBC] of capital funding for a healthy living centre in Lawrence Weston (Part SRB6 funded project. Application made to NOF for healthy living centre money proved successful – almost £1m allocation confirmed – full details below)


Allocation: £1.2 million
Knowle West Healthy Living Centre forms part of the Knowle West Health Park, which will bring together local people and providers of health, social and leisure services to tackle health issues in their widest sense. It hopes to move the emphasis of health care from cure to prevention and encourage people to take a more active role. It is expected that the Healthy Living Centre will encompass a number of varied projects that may include support for families and children; fitness, sport and leisure; and community education.

Tel. 0117 3772253


Provisional allocation: £1.5m
The aim of the Townscape Heritage Initiative is to greatly enhance the environment of the two historic areas of Stokes Croft and Portland Square and to restore the areas’ historic properties. The City Council, in partnership with the South West RDA, is progressing the Townscape Heritage Initiative within a framework of overall regeneration in the St Pauls area.

Tel. 0117 9222971


Allocation: £4.458M – April 2013 to March 2019
Bristol has an allocation of £4.458m, the second-highest allocation in the South-west region. PE and Sports are the main focus but there is also emphasis also on education, health crime and drugs.

The programme is designed to bring about a step-change in the provision of/use of PE and sports facilities for young people and for the community in general. The initiative should also have a long-term impact on key issues facing local communities, such as education, health, crime and drugs use.

Facilities funded through the programme will:

  • Integrate and support wider local strategies to improve PE, school sport and adventure.
  • Integrate sport, education and health outcomes.
  • Encourage innovative approaches that make use of the best practice in the design and management of facilities.

The programme will play a key part in helping to increase the levels of physical activity among young people and local communities. The programme will also play a vital role in developing the relationship between families, schools and between schools and their communities in supporting the development of citizenship and lifelong learning.
There is a two-stage bid process. Stage 2 is the final submission of the programme of bids and submitted by Bristol to NOF in September 2002. The final programme portfolio is to be confirmed between October and December 2020.

CREATIVE PARTNERSHIPS [launched on Wednesday 18 September 2002]

Creative Partnerships, a pioneering £40 million initiative, is set to be the most important cultural and creative programme in a generation. It will give thousands of school children in deprived areas throughout England the opportunity to develop creativity in learning and participate in cultural activities. Based at the Arts Council of England, Creative Partnerships will develop long-term partnerships between schools and cultural and creative organisations including architects, theatre companies, museums, cinemas, historic buildings, dance studios, recording studios, orchestras, web-site designers and many others. Creative Partnerships is initially focussing on 16 areas around the country, including Bristol.
The Bristol initiative is headed by Matthew Little. Matthew is employed by the Arts Council but will be working very closely with BCC and other key stakeholders. Two clusters of schools have been selected to work with CP in Bristol – Hillfields and Hartcliffe/Withywood. The programme will focus on developing a programme of creative educational work in these two areas – working with young people, their communities, the creative sector and teachers. [This is not a grant allocation based initiative.]

Broad Quay House, Prince St, Bristol, BS1 4DJ
Tel. 0117 905 8874
Or visit the Creative Partnership website at:


Allocation: £4.8m
The Children’s Fund is an initiative from the Government’s Children and Young Peoples Unit (CYPU) started in 2001 and currently committed until 2004. In august 2001 the Bristol early years and Childcare Partnership applied successfully for the first wave of the fund and appointed Barnardos as the accountable body to manage the Bristol Children’s Fund for a multi-agency steering group.
The Children’s Fund in Bristol will have a total of £4.8m to spend, including £1.6m committed to the On Track programme in Southmead. The money must be used to provide preventative services to those children aged 5 to 13 years whose opportunities in life are thought to be limited by social exclusion risk factors. The fund will focus on children from Lockleaze and Knowle West, as well as those from Black and other minority ethnic backgrounds, families in transit and disabled children.


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