Reducing costs and moving to a virtual office.

Clients View to reducing costs and moving to a virtual office.

The office I am currently renting is due to be knocked down soon to be replaced by a brand new block of luxury apartments. This has, of course, forced me into making some difficult decisions about my company’s future. I am an accountant and I employ 3 other people all of which are located here with me at our head office in Bristol.

We have been established for almost 10 years and as individuals, our lives have changed a lot in this time, in fact, there is only actually me who still lives within an hours drive of the Leeds office.

I have a strong working relationship with my colleagues and it took a long time to build a trustworthy reliable team.

I would hate to lose any of them simply because our new premises are too far away and this has led me to consider the benefits of a virtual office Leeds based.

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After looking at the rates charged by other office premises I have realised how much rent has rocketed in recent years, it seems by staying in the same rundown old office block for so long I hadn’t even noticed how cheap my overheads were compared to what others are paying! But by using a virtual office I could eliminate the cost of rent completely.

I am sure all my employees would be more than happy to work from home, saving them a good 2 hours a day in travelling time not to mention the cost of fuel at the moment. It would also mean that those with family commitments would find it easier to find the work /life balance we are all aiming for these days. As long as there is a good tech company on hand to resolve any technical or wireless problems then all is good.

As most clients contact me via internet anyway I am not sure there is a need for traditional bricks and mortar office anymore. The days of working 9 ‘til 5 then going home and forgetting about it are long behind us but I would like to think my company still holds on to some sense of tradition so maybe working from home is the modern compromise.

A virtual office may even mean I am able to expand in the future and employ more staff from further afield if my overheads are lower.

A virtual office Bristol would still provide my business with a prime address for correspondence with clients presenting an established and professional image of my company. Some offer call answering services where a receptionist will answer a call using my company name and forward a message straight to me that I can respond to at a more appropriate time.

Mail opening and forwarding,  and other administration services can also be provided for an additional fee. Meeting rooms are available to hire which would be handy as I am sure we will need to meet occasionally if just to catch up on some gossip! A virtual office Leeds would be a new and exciting direction for my company, using modern technology to drag us kicking and screaming into the 21st century!

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