How to Apply for Funding Under the Objective 2 Programme in Bristol

Now closed

EU funded projects are more like a contract of work than a grant. The application is a kind of tender. You have to deliver what you promised in the application. The starting point for your project is the commitment you have made in the application.

There are 2 options:


Option 1 – Applying for funding under:

  • Priority 1: Neighbourhood Renewal

Apply directly to Bristol City Council.

An Action Plan has been developed in Bristol, which has brought together the key players in the city, to deliver projects under the all three measures of Priority 1: Neighbourhood Renewal.

Due to the Success of the Objective 2 Action Plan to date we are not currently accepting any further applications under Measure 1.1 or Measure 1.3.

A process for allocating the remaining funds under Measure 1.2 is now underway. The applicants who are involved in this have been notified.